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Working Class Heroes

At a time in which the topic of workers' rights and the economic crisis are at the centre of attention, a look at the workers who daily animate and sustain Italian industrial production with their work.

The project is constantly in progress since 2013

Teen X

Photography workshop for the last classes of middle schools to introduce children to the world of photography as an aesthetic media.

To stimulate reflection on the theme of identity and otherness, of current and past aesthetic canons, of the concept of beauty as an imposed canon. 

To reflect on the importance of the ego and the tools that the mass media propose to us, facebook and advertising.
Identifying the beauty of diversity.


The Gregorini family has been repairing classic cars for three generations.

In 1962, Italo opened 'Autofficina Gregorini' in Lumezzane, the first car repair shop in the area.

In the 1980s, Giuliano, alongside his father, was able to create a niche for himself in the market by perfecting machining techniques on those cars that were first the basis of the trade and were now called classic cars.

Today, Giuliano and his sons Matteo and Riccardo make the experience of three generations in the sector available to the classic car enthusiast.